How long should a beginning student train, before he/she is considered able to defend themselves adequately?



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In this article Shifu Neil Webster explores how Kung Fu can benefit children by giving them self-confidence to face adversity without the need to resort to violence. While Chun Ming Dao provides the necessary skills to defend oneself if need be, it also imparts ways to manage confrontation through an awareness and respect of self and others.

What is a traditional martial art? How can traditional martial arts be preserved?

Shifu Neil Webster shares his thoughts on the subject of traditional martial arts.

Physical strength and fitness are just two of many aspects that contribute towards mastery in the External Martial Arts. Here Shifu Neil Webster defines what is meant by External Power. He then goes on to explain how to harness our mind in pushing beyond our predefined limitations of what we are capable of. Examples from both  his personal training and his observations as a teacher are given.

The fundamental premise for internal martial arts has to be the training of the mind. From a calm and relaxed mind comes smooth and efficient movement.

Here Shifu Neil Webster describes how the mind is employed to coordinate the leverage of the relaxed body as opposed to the use of strength. Drawing from his personal training experience, he gives an example of how developing a deeper internal awareness influenced his external ability.

With this article Shifu Neil Webster explains how the two aspects of his school eventually combine, through many years of hard training and repetition. He sets out to show that the two styles become one complete art.

Here Neil describes one of the hardest, yet most fulfilling, trials he has put himself through. With the help of a great friend he takes on a challenge that stretches him both mentally and physically.