" Spent years learning from Neil and to this day I am astounded by his enthusiasm and dedication towards both his Martial Arts and his students. Every class is specifically geared towards you as an individual, while lots of the learning is done as one group there will always be time for you to practice and get help with what you know, no matter what you know or your skill. The fitness was a huge boost for me and as hard as it was at times, I always left with a smile on my face. The self-defense aspect appeals to everybody and learning to defend yourself in this day and age is a must in my opinion. Thanks, Neil for the time you commit to your classes and students "

- Alfie Webster

"Neil taught Close Quarter Combat to the Grenadier Guards for over a year and even though he had 500 students he continually tested us and made sure that he measured success by ensuring we were getting better each week and were enjoying it at the same time.
Legendary instructor, hard man. Thanks"

- Capt Martin Howlin MBE

"I have an advanced form of multiple sclerosis called Primary Progressive. It does what it says. It gets progressively worse. The muscle spasms, cramps, visual disturbances, and neuropathic pain are a daily constant. And it’s exhausting. That’s even before I have to do anything, and it wears me out. Going to the shops is a major logistical effort. I didn’t get any noticeable benefit from conventional physiotherapy exercises recommended by the NHS. As MS is a neurological disease I wondered if it might be better if I tried to connect my mind with my body.

I’m not wondering anymore. Except why didn’t anyone suggest Tai Chi as an option. Since last summer, when I joined Neil’s classes, I now have greater mobility, smoother, more fluid movement, and greater control over how I move. It’s not a cure but it’ll keep me out of a wheelchair for a while.

I can’t add anything to the other comments except repeat that Neil is an excellent instructor. Not only is he highly qualified but he is an exceptionally good teacher. He communicates easily and naturally at a pace matched to each and every individual."

- Anthony

"My youngest child has one-to-one sessions at home and he has come on amazingly quickly in his martial arts. He finds learning with Neil fun. Before starting his lessons he had a huge fear of teachers and was a shy and anxious child. The change in him is brilliant, not only did my son trust Neil within the first five minutes but Neil’s teaching approach is focused on praise and support. My son’s self-confidence has soared! I would recommend Neil for anyone but especially if you have a shy, quiet-natured child as he works so well with them in a calm but fun manner. My son says he feels less vulnerable and much happier inside since having lessons with Neil."

- Sam Tanner

"We have been learning Tai Chi with Neil for 4 years now and thoroughly enjoy the mental and physical challenges of our lessons. Neil and Nikki have shared their enthusiasm for the art and we find it easy to follow up our practice and meditations at home. We feel that our general fitness has increased enormously. We also enjoy the camaraderie of learning with a small friendly group."

- John and Kathy Whiting

"Hello, I have been training with Shifu Neil Webster for almost 10 years. I had tried other fighting arts before, but having been involved in violence since a young age, struggled to find one that would genuinely help me in a real live confrontation. Neil not only gives you the tools to better defend yourself physically, he has a great understanding of confrontation and how the body and mind reacts to violent situations. Combining the physical rigors of kung fu and the spiritual relaxation , spacial and physical awareness of tai chi has over the years changed me for the better. I no longer consider Kung fu and tai chi to be something I do, rather its now part of who I am.

As well, Neil creates a brilliant environment for learning. He tailors to everyone's needs and has a great way of helping you find the answers you are looking for. Our classes range from 4 years of age to well past retirement and we all enjoy spending time learning with each other.

Anyone looking to find a genuine, undiluted Martial art, with a great family of students need look no further."

- Eddie Plaistow