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Ming Dao (Intelligent Way) Combat Training - knife work. Against a single opponent then multiple opponents.


Ming Dao Combat Video 1

Internal, soft work on the string.

In this video I am working on myself. Being aware of tension when it occurs and trying to be constantly relaxed. This allows me to adapt, move and strike readily from any position. The more relaxed the musculature, the more fluidly you can move. With relaxed free flowing movement you can be more evasive combined with sound attack simultaneously and you can hit harder! Feeling my feet in the floor and maintaining good structure throughout. The string represents your opponent so you must control it, how and where it moves just as you should an opponent. Never be in the same place twice. Motion not movement. This is true internal mastery…or rather, striving for it!

Kung Fu Short Form No1 Yat Xing

This video shows the Yat Xing short form performed slowly for beginners. This compact form has everything a beginner needs. Footwork, blocking, various strikes, kicks and balance.

1st Advanced form. Jian Quan.


Gradually developing fist
The Jian Quan form is the first of four advanced forms in the Northern long-fist Kung Fu style. It develops many more aspects. The movements are more complex than the short forms developing coordination and fine motor skills.


The 3rd Advanced form. Li Quan (enlightened fist)

The 3rd Advanced form, Li Quan is way more complex than other forms. In this form you can see that Kung Fu meets Tai Chi. The two elements combine superbly to move the student along on the path to internal mastery.

Yang Short Form

Warming up with the Yang 24 Short Form in the Tuesday night Tai Chi class. After meditation and stretching with Chi kung exercise

Yang Short Form

Yang Tai Chi Chuan 24 Short Form, complete. Performed by Shifu Neil Webster. This is the first form you will learn at the Academy in order to give a student sound fundamentals of Tai Chi.

Chinese Sword Short Form

The Chinese sword. A short form showing just a few movements to be learned when training with this amazing weapon. At the Academy we train in many aspects of the Sword including techniques for attack and defence and sparring.

Kung Fu footwork drill 1

This video is about drilling basic footwork in order to coordinate the hands and feet for effective movement and striking. Everything relies on the feet being fully in control when moving. Once good footwork is understood a person can break away from rigid set patterns and move more freely.

Kung Fu footwork drill 2

One Inch Punch

When I was working in a garage for a living this is how I would spend my lunch time. I always found a way to train somewhere

King Fu bag work

108 Yang Cheng Fu Long Form - 

Long Form 108 movements - Remix (slower)

Chun Ming Dao Kids Kung Fu Demonstration.

Chin Na. (Seize & Control)

Below are six short videos of Shifu Neil Webster training with his student and (Laozhi) assistant instructor, Mark Lake. Here we see some Chin Na (Chinese grappling art) techniques for use against a knife attack.