what you get from the academy

  • A life coach.

  • A psychologist.

  • A mentor.

  • To be Inspired.

  • A supporter.

  • A friend.

  • A problem solver.

  • A stress reliever.

  • Being encouraged to believe in yourself.

  • A personal trainer & dietitian.

  • Strength, flexibility & weight Loss.

  • Being taught personal victory.

  • Someone who encourages you and your children to have respect, patience, humility, discipline, empathy, courtesy & self-control to name just a few.

  • Being taught how to work hard and enjoy life.

  • Being held accountable for your actions.

  • Being encouraged to set and achieve goals.

  • Someone who helps you build emotional strength and mental stability.

  • Someone who teaches you to stand up to bullies.

  • Knowledge, wisdom, opportunity, equipment and a safe space to train in

  • Someone who puts their heart and soul into you.

  • Someone who has spent most of their life training hard to assist you.

What you get from the Academy

What you think you’re paying for:   Learning to kick and punch.

What you are actually paying for:

Still think you’re paying too much for your kicking and punching class?


Would a Doctor, Lawyer, plumber, dentist, shop owner, mechanic or psychologist offer all of the above for free in addition to their regular service that they charge for?