About Us

What We Offer


We cover many facets of traditional Chinese Martial Arts including:

Ming Dao (Intelligent Way) Combat
Nun Chaku
Chin Na & Pushing Hands
Fitness Training
Northern Long Fist (Northern Hakka Kuen)
Northern Long Fist Kung Fu
Yang style Tai Chi Chuan
Chin Na (Chinese Grappling Art)
Chi Gong
Weapon styles
Tai Chi Sword
Nun Chaku
Long Spear
Meditation & Mindfulness
Knife use and defence against
Women’s self defence
Street awareness and self protection
Threat evaluation
Defeating victim mentality.
Understanding attack rituals and body language.


Other services at the Academy: 
Pilates (with Niamh Kennedy-Myers)
Wing Chun Kuen (with Shifu Andy King)

Kung Fu Nunchaku

Private 1-2-1 training

Comprising of:

Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.
Northern Long Fist Gong Fu.
Ming Dao Combat.
Chin Na
General Fitness.


Please make sure that all jewellery and other accessories are left in the dressing room for safety reasons. Mobile phones cannot be brought to class. Let’s work together to create a successful training session!


Meet Neil Webster

Neil Webster was the first person outside of china to reach master status in northern long fist Kung Fu.

He has improved the skills of top Taekwondo players as well as Thai Boxers, Karate practitioners and Kick Boxers.

Neil was the first person ever in the history of Chan Dao MAA to reach the level of Full Instructor outside mainland China. Two years later he achieved the accolade of Master of Kung Fu at age 43. Neil first started teaching in 1995. In this time he has gained a great deal from sharing his knowledge with adults and children across all ages.

He has studied weaponry as well as empty hand styles intensively. Neil has, for many years  worked on doors in night clubs and as a young man found himself in some very tricky situations. For nearly three decades Neil has formulated a highly effective system of Self Defence and  Street Defence classes for Men and Women, young and old.