Self & Street Defence

Shifu Neil Webster has over 27 years experience in traditional Chinese martial arts. He has studied weaponry as well as empty hand styles intensively. Neil has, for many years worked on doors in night clubs and as a young man found himself in some very tricky situations. For nearly three decades Neil has formulated an highly effective system of Self Defence and Street Defence classes for Men and Women, young and old.

The primary goal of Self/Street-Defence is avoidance. Shifu Neil Webster can give you some great insight and techniques into defusing and evading potentially violent situations. You will learn to understand attack psychology and predatory behaviour, read body language, effects of Adrenalin and how to recognize and change from a state of victim mentality and switch on to your environment.

This beginners course also incorporates some basic fitness and flexibility training that will assist with the martial applications and enhance health. How to apply basic common sense techniques to your everyday life in order to stay safe. His system teaches self and environmental awareness.

Shifu Neil can prove to you that you do not have to be built like a rugby player in order to be proficient in Self/Street-Defence. He draws from a wealth of knowledge in Chinese Martial Arts and the dangers of the Street. Should you find yourself in an inescapable dangerous situation he will teach you to target and land effective strikes.

This comprehensive course also teaches efficient break away and constraint techniques. Understanding the law on Self-Defence.