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Chun Ming Dao Martial Arts Association


The  Association is a traditionally based school founded by Shifu Neil Webster. Chun Ming Dao means intelligent way. This is Shifu Neil Webster’s website for his school - including Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy and Ming Dao Combat. All are welcome to come and train in any aspect of the school.

The school combines the external discipline of Northern Long Fist Kung Fu (Wei-gong-external skill) and the internal discipline (Nei-gong-Internal skill) of Yang-style Taiji Chuan.

The school offers both group and private lessons for adults and children.

The Academy is the place where instruction and classes take place. It also offers a fully equipped private gym, pilates and Wing Chun classes also held at the Academy

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Spent years learning from Neil and to this day I am astounded by his enthusiasm and dedication towards both his Martial Arts and his students. Every class is specifically geared towards you as an individual, while lots of the learning is done as one group there will always be time for you to practice and get help with what you know, no matter what you know or your skill. The fitness was a huge boost for me and as hard as it was at times, I always left with a smile on my face. The self-defence aspect appeals to everybody and learning to defend yourself in this day and age is a must in my opinion. Thanks, Neil for the time you commit to your classes and students.

Alfie Webster