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Chun Ming Dao Martial Arts Association

The  Association is a traditionally based school founded by Shifu Neil Webster. Chun Ming Dao means intelligent way. This is Shifu Neil Webster’s website for his school - including Kung Fu Tai Chi Academy and Ming Dao Combat. All are welcome to come and train in any aspect of the school.

  • The school combines the external discipline of Northern Long Fist Kung Fu (Wei-gong-external skill) and the internal discipline (Nei-gong-Internal skill) of Yang-style Taiji Chuan


  • The school offers both group and private lessons for adults and children.

  • The Academy is the place where instruction and classes take place. It also offers a fully equipped private gym.
    Pilates and Wing Chun classes also held at the Academy


(Shifu - master, Laozhi - teacher)

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